Dear me,

I’m writing you from the year 2014, October 10th, to be exact. Which means you’re about 3 months shy of your 24th birthday. I wish I can tell you that you’ve accomplished all you had dreamed of accomplishing by this point. I wish I could tell you that life is going exactly as you’d planned. But it isn’t, and that’s totally okay!

What I can tell you is that you’ve accomplished a lot, you’ve experienced more than you ever though you would, and you’ve gotten to a point where you really have to push your boundaries to reach the goals you’ve set. The point of this letter is to give you a small piece of advice. It’s quite simple, really. Live your life.
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Deep-seated Issues

I don’t even know what I’m writing about, honestly. This post has no direction whatsoever. It might even turn into a rant that belongs inside a personal diary, with a lock, whose key is hidden away. But this is my blog, and I guess, why not?

It’s 11:45pm on a Wednesday, and I have done absolutely nothing productive today. Before you envy my “lazy day”, consider this: I haven’t done anything productive yesterday either, or the day before that, or the one before. For quite some time now, I have been in this slump that I can’t seem to get out of…or maybe just don’t want to. Certain things in my life aren’t going as I’d like, and lately, ignoring them has been my sole mechanism of defense. Why am I choosing the easy way out? it’s not like the other way is that much harder, I’m just choosing to not try at all. And it pisses me off.

I like to blame it on my upbringing.
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Grief of a Mother

I have refrained from writing about this topic for a number of reasons,  main ones being that it’s quite controversial and is still on-going.  But, today I watched a video that truly put things in perspective for me. This is not a post about which of the sides I’m taking or who has the right to do what; this is merely a post empathizing with the pain of another.

The video shows a Palestinian mother frantically searching for her child.  She was informed that her son may have been one of the four boys killed by Israeli airstrikes on a beach in Gaza last week.  In the video, she is calling out for her son, pain very evident in her face and voice.  I couldn’t help but cry along with her, only imagining what she must be going through. Continue reading



So for years now, I have wanted to have my own blog. Something about writing for an audience that is potentially both young and old, similar to myself and not, from every crevice of the world seemed so enticing to me, and oh so very overwhelming. What would I write about? Would someone read any of it? Even if they did, how would I keep them intrigued, wanting more? Of course, I psyched myself out of starting one (as if i had something to lose, right? I mean, it is free). Years and what seems like an endless number of experiences later, I’ve finally mustered up the courage to give this a go. “What changed from a few sentences ago?” you ask? Well, for one, I’m far more open to criticism than I was before, and thus, the idea of complete strangers getting some insight into my life doesn’t absolutely terrify me. I have more substance than I did a few years ago, and an opinion that covers many bases. Surely that should make it worthwhile for someone to hear what I have to say, right?

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